Announcing FLOURISH, our theme for One State 2015

Creative expression is an innate and powerful condition of human nature that vigorously nurtures the human spirit. Springing from both the commonplace and the extraordinary, the arts celebrate and reveal our essential humanity, break down imposing barriers, and improve the livability of our neighborhoods, our towns, our state, and our world. We all flourish when we flex our creative muscle and encourage growth in individuals and communities. 

At One State 2015, we’ll explore how artists, community builders, and social entrepreneurs are engaging in creative activity to promote positive change on personal, community, and global levels. Our presenters will speak to the following ideas:

  • How is creative expression essential for individuals to flourish and understand each other?
  • How does nourishing creativity help communities, large and small, to strengthen identity and to flourish?
  • How do the arts in full flourish connect Illinois to our global community?

One State offers a platform for dialogue and cross-sector partnership. Together, we will explore how we can collaborate to ensure that the arts are leading the way toward a more equitable, unified, and livable society. How do we collectively communicate the real impact and value of the arts?

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